Cleaning: do you dread it? Maybe you’re overwhelmed by it, or your back won't tolerate it... or your knees... you work full time, part time or simply don’t have the time… or the kids make it almost impossible for you to do anything. Or it's simply just not for you. These are the realities of life!

My reality; making any space clean, organized, healthy and functional gives me a 'ridiculous' amount of satisfaction.

Over the years, I’ve moved, packed and unpacked, and because of the frequency, happily relied on maintaining calm and consistency by keeping it to a minimum... making cleanliness and functionality a priority. I learned to purge things I realistically do not need (big and small) for ease, peace of mind and a lighter, healthier lifestyle. Purposely living with less (clutter, dirt), means less mental clutter. Doing my job for others is a way for me to bring that to a household and hopefully peace of mind to those who'll allow me to help. My specialty is organization/de-cluttering, scrubbing, general hard work. And after over a decade of visiting your homes, the pride I take in leaving behind some sparkle is immeasurable.

My standards, attention to detail, respect for your home and possessions, are my priority. My work ethic speaks for itself. Much of this comes from personal discipline - living healthfully, mindful of what I allow in my life, body and space. I love what I do. If I'm not doing it for you, I'm doing it somewhere, mostly every day.